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Taiwan Macroview TV-- Touch Your Heart

Founded on March 1, 2000, Taiwan Macroview TV (MACTV) is now in its seventh year of operation, transmitting up-to-date information of Taiwan's developments throughout the world via seven satellites. It eases the nostalgic sentiments of compatriots away from home, bridges the gap between overseas compatriots and Taiwan, and meets the needs of all.

MACTV broadcasts around the clock every day. In order to meet the needs of overseas compatriots of different ages, ethnic groups, geographical regions, and preferences, MACTV offers diverse and refined programming to encourage mutual concern among overseas Chinese communities. Over the past seven years, MACTV has received worldwide recognition and heart-touching commendation. In response, it recently conducted a survey to better understand the preferences and habits of its international viewers. With the satisfaction rate reaching as high as 93.4%, it is clear that MACTV's efforts have won widespread recognized. While the survey findings will serve as a reference for future programming, they have already raised MACTV's confidence in its ability to fulfill its wonderful mission.

Since November 2002, MACTV has provided Internet broadcasting and selection signal transmission (VOD) via a global network, to overseas compatriots free of charge. MACTV programming is available at transmission speeds of 56K bps, 100K bps, 300K bps, and 700K bps, and transcends borders, languages, and time zones.

Anticipation and encouragement bring greater responsibility. MACTV will continue to serve overseas compatriots, providing more objective and quality programs to them and foreign friends. MACTV and Taiwan Macroview Network TV need your continuing support and encouragement, so that they can help open the window of Taiwan to overseas compatriots in foreign land. Macroview will present Taiwan's development, help Taiwan reach out to the world, and raise Taiwan's international profile.

Taiwan Macroview TV

Hometown Sentiments on Macroview

MACTV provides 24-hour programming daily, the first 14 hours being premier programs and the remaining 10 hours replay. Programming contents include domestic and overseas compatriot community news, news magazines, entertainment and variety shows, soap operas, children's programs, as well as a variety of quality programs on culture, education, leisure, food, and daily life. Programs on local cultures, social and economic issues, and Taiwan's progress not only help overseas compatriots learn more about developments at home, but also convey the concern of the people of Taiwan to overseas compatriots.

MACTV news reports are conducted in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, Cantonese, and English to meet the needs of overseas compatriots. This approach has received affirmation from viewers. Furthermore, news on overseas compatriot communities provides information about the latest developments in the global overseas compatriot community, thereby promoting exchanges and communication among overseas compatriot communities worldwide.

Taiwan Macroview TV