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In order to provide quality programming services and a true alternative platform with which to meet the demands of different ethnic groups in Taiwan, the Public Television Service Foundation is focused on continuous development aimed at satisfying local viewers with diverse global perspectives as a lifetime learning conduit for sharing in-depth knowledge and covering public issues around the world.

The PTS Credo

1. Create a New Vision

Based on its understanding of various needs and interests of each category of the viewers, PTS guarantees to offer the Taiwan viewers with quality programming in order to broaden the knowledge domain in both traditional and new media, where the TV market is mostly driven by local broadcasters on commercial purposes.

2. Care for the country's children

In 1998,while PTS started to launch its first program to the viewers around the island, PTS has designated its first year as the Year of the Children to prove its utmost sincerity as the promise to provide the services to the children which is the very category being long time neglected by the local commercial channels. And after the children's programs being aired for only half a year, PTS has received its greatest affirmation in the form of the "Best Production and Broadcasting Organization Award" from the Government Information Office, which evaluates the outstanding children's programs for radio and television on regular basis.

Regarding to the rigorous preparedness during the process of children's program's production, including the complete research and assessments' implementation, PTS has made itself distinguished from the local competitors and greatly acclaimed by the young viewers. For instance, different surveys were conducted among preschool children about their preferences on the puppets and with which being used as the reference to the design of the main characters during Fruity Pie's pre-production stage. Fruity Pie is one of the award-winning children's programs topped the children's pick in Taiwan.

3. Respect the needs of different communities

Other than commercial TV channels put emphasis on programs' ratings, PTS gives consideration to the needs of each category of the viewers, aimed to produce customizing programs for each age group, including children& youths, women, senior citizens, and especially caring for the long time disparities existed among indigenous and minority people around this island.

4. Care for the welfare of minorities
There are 12 indigenous peoples with distinct cultures, languages and customs in Taiwan, PTS has produced the only news magazine for the indigenous people, featuring exclusively in-depth stories reported by indigenous journalists from indigenous villages, focusing on their people's lives and dilemmas from their own perspectives. On the other hand, PTS also provides the services to the hearing impaired people, striving to expand the world beyond silence and it carefully examines the development of other minorities through documentaries in its profound viewpoint.

5. Showcase diverse performing arts to a wider audience
Whereas the traditional local operas and other diverse art performances from various regions around this island, PTS has covered the precious cultural resources and delivered them all to the viewers. This is not only the channel to showcase the performances for the artists, but minimize the distances through this media between the performing arts and the viewers for art approaches. In March 1999, its professional relay skills earned PTS the exclusive broadcasting right to the Yo Yo Ma's cello recital and in May of the same year, it successfully relayed a concert of the Philadelphia Orchestra, which was held in Taiwan. These two musical world events were both made PTS milestone to be the leading broadcaster in Taiwan for the performing art programming.

6. Cherish Taiwan's wildlife
PTS produced the programs which have probed various aspects of Taiwan's natural resources and the call for environmental and ecological problems. Rare Animals of Taiwan, covering on rare animals, birds, insects and sea creatures in Taiwan, also discussing topics related to the activities of environmental protection. Our Island, which's the program proceeded by the Goodbye Sea and Taiwan Mountains and Forest series, has let the viewers get even closer look to this island and exposed the issues on endangered ecosystem and geological environment that Taiwan's facing in order to protect this island through the reporting.

7. Record social and historical changes and events
PTS committed as its mission to devote itself to present the truthful different faces of Taiwan people, having initiated activities and public issues through in-depth coverage to the viewers. All profiles and the events which are influential to the pulse of the society, are all important materials to the programming, no matter the scope of ordinary lives, and the unique experiences of specific social group as well, PTS has reconstructed the social and historical changes through Taiwan's past. Formosa, disclosed the stories about the exploring experiences of the westerners who arrived in the early days of Taiwan. Endless Memory, recalled the gradually disappearing treasures of Taiwanese folk artistry. In The Tracks of Taiwan's Mining Industry, the program has taken the viewers back to the golden years of Taiwan's mining industry.

8. Promote literature as a vital alternative entertainment source
The presentation of most PTS' programs are much different from those of the commercial channel's, including the techniques which were commonly used for the silver screen are implemented during the program's production, and the wide screen film format is the usual scheme that PTS adapted as the norm to produce the acclaimed drama series and TV-movies. In which case, PTS has become an ideal environment for media professionals to join in devoting themselves and to produce quality programs for the viewers other than the local commercial channels'. In 1999, the Television Culture Research Society has selected seven outstanding TV-series in Taiwan, and three of which were all PTS's series, including Once Upon A Time, Children of the Salt Pans, and When We Huddle Together.


9. Offer coverage of national and international issues
In the turn of the 21st century, PTS positioned as trailblazer to promote the continuous development in democratic society and to further increase the well-being of the entire population. With the promises made after the Convention on Self-Regulation of News Media, held by News Production and Broadcasting Convention, the PTS news staffs has presented the viewers with PTS Forum, a talk-show program featuring on current headline issues around the island, intending to monitor the government's administration, and in the meantime to bring the media's fourth right into full play. Such as PTS News and In-depth Report, covering issues which were neglected by other commercial channels, allows the viewers to link up with world trends through global perspectives. Apart from broadcasting its own programs, PTS also brings quality programs among the world to Taiwan viewers, for exchanging ideas and experiences on worldwide viewpoints.