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2000 Searching a Sound Financial Source for Public Television Service in the Digital Age:A reversed cross-subsidization from private communication carrier to public culture carrier¡H(Hamilton Chung-ming Cheng)

2001 Public Television Service Foundation,Taiwan¡XPart One (Ching Swen)

2003 Digital TV in Taiwan: Wire or Wireless? (Cindy Shyu)
2004 Reinventing Taiwan Terrestrial TV Service Through a Digital Demonacy. (Hamilton Chung-ming Cheng)
2004 The making of Taiwan broadcast media disorder¡XA political economy perspective. (Hamilton Chung-ming Cheng)

2004 Broadcasting : PSB IN TAIWAN A bright future (Vivian Wang)

2005 Repositioning DTV through Marketing the Idea of DiMoTV Internationally (Hamilton Chung-ming Cheng)
2006 Multiculturalism: Second Public Broadcasters Global Media Summit in Taipei on 8 May (Hamilton Chung-ming Cheng)
2006 Digitization, Second Modernity, and PSB for All Campaign¡XDigital democracy reinventing Taiwan TV industry through a global-local interrelationships. (Hamilton Chung-ming Cheng)
2006 Country Report on ¡§Present Situation of Citizen¡¦s Media Movement and Media Education in Taiwan" (Hamilton Chung-ming Cheng)
2006 Mobile TV (Hamilton Chung-ming Cheng)
2006 Mobile TV in Taiwan (Francesca, Wen-Hui Lai)
2007 The trend of convergence in broadcasting (Yuan-Huai Hu)