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Taiwan for Decades
  • Documentary
  • Science &Technology
  • 30min x5
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How on earth do you know Time really is? For centuries, the physical science has sought to know why and by what principle things are as they are, which are sometimes unaccounted for can usually contribute to our knowledge of why things are a certain way and aid us in accommodating the natural environment, especially in the homeland where you've lived.

Only in the past decades that Taiwan has transformed dramatically in biological and social environment due to the fast growing development dedicated by the government and individuals to promoting the quality of living.

Both the physical and social science though are continually seeking models which will aid us in providing solutions to the natural environment, yet these too-much-developing approaches may not be capable of complete success in contributing, and may further destroy instead to this island.

To unveil the mysterious natural treasure and to observe the complete transformation of Taiwan over the past decades, this 5-episode documentary which's been tracking the island's development of last 20 years, contented with the physical and social issues on many fronts to compare and contrast our environment between then and now.