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Based on the concept of building up an Independent Prosecutor system which was established in US after Watergate scandal back to 1972, TBS in News, a brand new weekly half-hour news magazine program airs every Sunday night, 20:30, presents you in-depth and diversified researches to define social justice....More
The chicken farm that most of us have learnt since childhood is now being transformed into mechanical manufactory so as to fulfill our daily consumes in a large way. Tonight on Our Island, PM 9:00, we will take you inside its supply chain behind, to look into all aspects that derived from trade policies by the government, distribution system fo...More
Where would have all the wildlife gone when the trend in touring takes upper hand? Our Island series will bring you more about the current situation on Mount Alisan tomorrow night, examining the BOT projects that undergoes by some profiteers in the area. Our Island, a weekly in-depth report that centers on environmental issues, intends to prese...More
Is PIG the animal as dumb as you think? Watch pigs on Orchid Island with us tonight on Our Island, you will be surprised to find out how close human beings can relate to them and even being benefited from the application to medical use today. Our Island, a weekly in-depth report that centers on environmental issues, intends to present the endemi...More
Being aired at 7: 00 p.m., Monday through Friday night, contented national daily headlines and special featured issues, including human rights, educational, environmental protection, society watch (labor, minority group or media study) and cultural topics. In the end segment of the reports, the news is been delivered by the hearing impaired anchor,...More

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