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Apart from TV, the Internet is without a doubt currently the hottest source of information among young people. For example, type ¡§microwaves¡¨ in the search engine of, and you will find thousands of clips, some of which are very alarming. These seemingly convenient electronic appliances are now both loved and feared by the public, largel...More
You do not have to be an artist to learn to appreciate the beauty of art. Aired every Tuesday evening, 18h to 18h30, Super Color Pie, a brand new weekly children's program has devoted for two years to its production, aims to introduce local kids to the world of fine arts in an entertaining and inspiring way....More
Three year-old Lin Lin is eager to tell a story to everyone today, but her story only has one short line: "Once there was a little girl named Marie Pea." After the other children express their displeasure with the "story", Fruity Pie helps Lin Lin write her story down, and Lin Lin is able to complete the story she eagerly wants to relate. It is ...More
PTS brings a brand new reading and learning program to the children, which provides rich multicultural knowledge and experiences from around the world in each episode led by celebrity presenters. And in order to better introduce the main theme of the book for each episode, the program was shot on location where best harmonizes with the story fo...More
A Dream Journey is a story about a series of changes began within a class for their new classmate, a girl who has transferred from a small island, Kinmen to a beautiful primary school in Danshuei, Taiwan. As a result of her influence, the class decided to go to Kinmen with her for their graduation trip. The airfare to fly the whole class to Kin...More

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