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A 24-hour nonstop concert performing by 150 artists across 7 continents will be live broadcast on PTS tomorrow afternoon, PM 3:45, to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis. For more information, please logon at PTS website or go to for its blog....More
In order to dictate the latest development of digital artworks in Taiwan, the New Wave of Taiwan Digital Art series co-produced with National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, which consists of 5 episodes for this brand new production, is the sequel to the introduction program that made to give an overview of the worldwide finest collections of digital a...More
Peony Pavilion, the timeless piece of Kunqu opera, is considered the most notable poetry play in Chinese literary history, which richly portrays the love story that originated in the dreams by Du Liniang, the daughter of a prefect in Nan'an in Soong Dynasty, who has then passed out of death into life for a dashing young man, has later been grown an...More
Brief introduction to this film: The Feast of Han XiZai, which is the scroll painting in the 10th century, counterpart to the Post-Tang Dynasty or Wu-Dai Period in China, drawn by a famous Chinese painter, Gu Hong Zhong. With exquisiteness of vivid characters and musical instruments in the painting, had become the real fact for the time being. Nan...More
Being aired at 10:00 p.m. every Friday night, hosted by the acclaimed writer, this program intends to lead the viewers by introducing the bestseller or the featured book through the discussion with the guest, to re-joy the pleasure from reading in each episode....More

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