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The spectacular, mountainous island of Taiwan has long been buffeted by typhoons and shaken by earthquakes. Despite a recent storm of human progress, it has kept much of its beauty and remains one of the world's most surprising wildlife hotspots. Its forested highlands are still home to bears, monkeys, anteaters and a huge variety of little known c...More
How on earth do you know Time really is? For centuries, the physical science has sought to know why and by what principle things are as they are, which are sometimes unaccounted for can usually contribute to our knowledge of why things are a certain way and aid us in accommodating the natural environment, especially in the homeland where you've liv...More
Being aired at 10:00 p.m. every Saturday night, searching for the tracks and signs with the new technology on the 13 target animals of Taiwan species, led in each episode by the introduction to the individual research of 13 graduate studies on the analysis of animal behavior. Offer the viewers with a wealth of information on the extinguished world ...More
A series of explorations follow the islandwide most sightseeing tours, activities and attractions footstepped by the travelers around the world in 19th century. This program cover the now-and-then of Taiwan's favorite destination's transformation in various prospects back to 100 years ago, it's the best journey for the viewers to retro the scenario...More
Being aired at 6:30 p.m. every Saturday night, Nature Park is a science intro to the elemental information around Earth, getting close to the formulation of the continent where we're living with, finding out the origin and implications for the mankind concerning our living environment....More

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