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being aired at 12: 00 p.m. on each Sunday, the first live action only made for disabled people to join the dancing and singing contests in the program. The physically challenged host is also a brilliant dancer herself to lead the performances joined by disabled contestant on the disabled-friendly stage....More
airs at 8: 00 p.m. every Sunday night, is the only program of its kind in Taiwan for the hearing impaired. And throughout the program, the hearing impaired hosts use sign language to explore an array of social issues, introducing cultures and customs from many different places, and expanding the life vision of Taiwan's hearing impaired....More
which is produced for the mentally and physically challenged children, providing the medical information of rare diseases in each episode for the target and the interested viewers to get the better understanding of the very topic....More
a drama series, discussing the issues that the elderly would face in each stage of their late years, to reveal the problems of adaptability in many aspects referring to the background on living of each individual, helping to walk through this unavoidable turning point in everyone's life with the program's leading....More
a quiz show program made only for the 60s. Offering the tips on health living from the doctors on each topic, and containing with the information of sightseeing attractions and relative activities around the island, proceeded by the guide with the guests....More

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