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Nyonyaˇ¦s Taste of Life depicts stories of Indonesian domestic helpers and Thai workers who came to Taiwan, dreaming of a better life. Just like Nyonya cuisine, which has a complex flavor -- sour, spicy, and sweet, the film is filled with misunderstandings, conflicts, miscommunications, and reconciliation (or un-reconciliation) among ethnic Chinese,...More
Would you choose to give birth to your first child with only 15 minutes of life? Angel Baby, one of the TV movies made for Life Story drama series, tells stories of a struggling mother who had been diagnosed to expect her first child with heart problems whom probably won't be able to survive long after being given birth. Roa-xin, a career woman...More
Adapted from the true stories created for the blog, Ying Ying's Blog, one of the TV movies made for Life Story series, depicts the bittersweet story on a cancer fighter who faces not only physical challenges but a fading relationship with her husband especially during pregnancy. This program has just been nominated for Golden Bell Awards this ye...More
Most of us look at life is being unfair and inequitable, nonetheless, some would simply take up the challenge and further transform their life in a different way. Main dans la main or Hand in hand, adapted from the bestseller by Dr. Paul Lien, recounts the challenging, life-changing personal experiences for almost two years living of his medica...More
One of the greatest hits once, now the well-known Taiwanese folksong Love's Lone Flower, has been composed and adapted from time tales back to the 1950's by Yang, San-lang, who was a famous composer / musician with lots of works inspired by anecdotes of the people's life and stories of personal experiences. This drama series, starred award winni...More

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