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For a thousand years, the Tao people of Orchid Island have followed ancient taboos that protect both forest and ocean from overuse. A huge variety of fish and numerous seasnakes cruise the islandíŽs reefs, while many rare birds, butterflies and reptiles thrive in lush jungles. The Tao still harvest the sea from handmade boats, while many old custo...More
Chiang Ching-kuo, son of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and his successor as the leader of Kuomintan (Nationalist Party) in Taiwan, was born in 1910, had been a respected pioneer concerning many of his actions during his presidency, including ending the martial law, allowing the oppositions parties and offering high ranking positions in Government f...More
The year 2006 is the centennial anniversary of Taiwan's baseball history. During Japanese colonization, baseball was first introduced to Taiwan, to become deeply implanted the daily lives of Taiwan people, whilst Japanese had been influenced by the Western in the Meiji Restoration. After World War II, the passion of Taiwan people for baseball di...More
Between April and September, squids travel along north east coast of Taiwan as a favorable location to lay the eggs each year. However, without the action by some environmental care lovers since 1998, it is getting harder and harder now for squids to look for clean sandy bottom to mating and laying eggs along our coasts. Nearly 8 years after thi...More
Lee Teng-hui Taiwan's transition towards Democracy In releasing several well-reputed portrait series of century figures since 2002, PTS now sets focus on a controversy figure, Lee Teng-hui, portraying from his privileged past under the Japanese occupation, to the controversies / debates he leads nowadays during Taiwan's transition towards dem...More

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