INPUT (the acronym is derived from INternational PUblic Television) is an annual weeklong television showcase where the rules of broadcasting are challenged and redefined. Now celebrating its 28th year, this event is the only international conference that focuses specifically on the innovative programs produced by public as opposed to commercial broadcasters. INPUT exists to give exposure to programs for their own merit, without regard to national pride or commercial interest; to stimulate discussions with critical emphasis on the role of the producer and broadcaster as socially responsible communicators; and to further the flow of quality cultural programming in recognition of television's potential to promote better understanding among the world's different cultures.


INPUT is dedicated to the proposition that television should be public service in the public interest. That access to the most honest, innovative, provocative, courageous and challenging broadcasting is a universal fundamental human right.

INPUT has organized international television's most important and influential Annual Screening Conference for more than 25 years. This unique event — held in a different country each year — encourages the development of public service television by screening and debating the most outstanding programs from around the world.

It also organizes many other activities throughout the year in dozens of countries. In doing so, INPUT provides a unique professional development opportunity for producers, directors, writers and all those — including independent producers — who contribute to public television throughout the world.

INPUT, founded in 1977, is the acronym derived from ‘international public television'. It exists to encourage the highest quality television programming worldwide; to support television as a service to the public; to promote discussion and debate about the television craft; and to serve as a global meeting point for those who make television. It recognizes TV's potential to promote better understanding among the world's different cultures.

INPUT is a voluntary organization, supported by conference registration fees, public television organizations, individuals and various institutions, agencies and foundations.


The INPUT organization is run by volunteers. It is, therefore, entirely free to make its own decisions and — other than its dedication to public service — is beholden to no cause, individual, organization or authority. For financial support, it relies on its delegates, major public television organizations and several foundations.

INPUT volunteers and partners below:

International Board
At the very heart of INPUT is its International Board made up of 16 respected broadcasters from about a dozen countries. These are the people who provide the inspiration, organization, and continuity that enables INPUT to spring up reborn, year after year, in country after country. These are the people who watch over the health and growth of INPUT.

National Coordinators
The next level at INPUT are the National Coordinators, respected program-makers, who are appointed by the Board. Their task it is to keep feeding innovative and groundbreaking programs to INPUT and to send those programs to an International Selection Committee who, in turn, select the best of the best for the upcoming Conference. National Coordinators represent INPUT to their regional constituencies.

Shop Stewards
Composed of television professionals from all corners of the world, the Shop Stewards are a unique group. Their task is to select the best programs from the hundreds of entries and to arrange the Conference Screening Schedule. The Shop Stewards mix the selected programs into diverse screening sessions and discussion themes, which become the backbone of the Conference.

The host country's Public Broadcaster – in partnership with other cultural organizations – often contributes the conference site, the secretariat, the technical facilities and the volunteers needed to put on that year's Conference. Public Broadcast organizations often help pay for their people to attend. In recent years, as the television world changes, more independent TV producers, directors and writers pay their own way to INPUT.

INPUT works with UNESCO, European Broadcasting Union, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Hoiso-Bunka Foundation, Goethe-Institut, European Union's Media Programs and a host of other respected and generous organizations. Their common denominator is that they understand and value the crucial importance of quality TV programming for the world's peoples and, as a consequence, support the ethical and professional development of the world's broadcasters. Learn more about our Partners and Sponsors.

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