• The Founding 15 in Bellagio: Front Row (l to r) Fred Barzyk (U.S.), Russel Connor (U.S.), Agnes Vincent (A2 France), Howard Klein (U.S. Rockefeller Foundation), Chloe Aaron (U.S. PBS), Hans-Geert Falkenberg (WDR Germany), Sergio Borelli (RAI Italy) Back Row (l to r) Eugene Katt (U.S. CPB), Jacques de Jouffroy (France INA), James Day (U.S.), Kjeld Veirup (DR Denmark), Robert Stephane (Belgium RTB), Bill Viola (U.S.) Nam June Paik (U.S.), Salvatore Bruno (RAI Italy)

INPUT was born during a conference organized by CIRCOM (the European Association of Regional Television) and the Rockefeller Foundation in Bellagio, Italy in 1977. The founders at the Conference determined the need of an international exchange of quality programs and ideas between North America and Europe.

The need for that exchange continues to be the prior INPUT aim, but now the challenge is extended to many other countries and regions in the world.

INPUT is the living expression of what that "flow of communication" must be. For that purpose INPUT is improving its organization, its selection of programs and the quality of the exchange of views that takes place every year at the Conference.

Today INPUT includes participants and programs from six continents. This geographical interest and expansion allows delegates to view a multitude of programs, representing the wider expression of audiovisual cultures.

Sergio Borelli, co-founder, still active in INPUT as International Coordinator
Hans-Geert Falkenberg, co-founder, still active in INPUT as Board Member and National Coordinator for Germany Jim Day, co-founder and author of the chronicle: INPUT at 20 (An informal memoir of past glories...and a few less-than-glorious episodes)

Founders of INPUT

  • Chloe Aaron, PBS, USA
  • Fred Barzyk, USA
  • Sergio Borelli, RAI & CIRCOM, Italy
  • Salvatore Bruno, RAI, Italy
  • Russell Connor, USA
  • James Day, Publivision Inc. USA
  • Hans-Geert Falkenberg, WDR, Germany
  • Jacques de Joufroy, INA, France
  • Eugene Katt, CPB, USA
  • Howard Klein, Rockefeller Foundation, USA
  • Nam June Paik, USA
  • Robert Stephane, RTBF, Belgium
  • Kjeld Veirup, DR, Denmark
  • Bill Viola, USA
  • Agnes Vincent, Antenne 2, France