Announcement of International Competition Finalists

Firstly, we wish to thank everyone for supporting the First Taiwan International Children's TV & Film Festival, 2004. Your participation has helped make our festival a spectacular event. The deadline for submission for this year's international competition was August 31. We received 213 films from 30 different countries around the world, and a total of more than 90 hours of television programs.

On October 6, the festival organizers held a preliminary jury meeting at the Government Information Office in Taipei. The preliminary jury panel included film director Wang Hsiao-ti, Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation executive director Chen Ai-ling, Taipei Municipal Teachers College Early Childhood Education professor Lin Pei-jung, Greenray Theatre director Luo Pei-an, Taipei Teacher Association supervisor Yang Yi-feng, film critic Tseng Wei-chen, and well-known Hong Kong comic-strip artist Craig Au-Yeung. Through in-depth discussion and communication, these experts from a variety of fields attempted to find a point of balance between artistic creativity and children's education, and to identify for the First Taiwan International Children's TV & Film Festival those children¡¦s films that are creative and interesting, meaningful for education, colorful and magnificent. Finally, after six hours of intense debate ¡V a tug of war between the twin ideals of children's education and artistic creativity ¡V a list of outstanding finalists in our international competition emerged. (List of finalists.)

At this time, we congratulate all the finalists, who have stood out prominently amidst such fierce competition. Thank you for creating such moving cinematic works for children, allowing them to see a diversity of images about the world. We invite all competition finalists to come to Taipei in January 2004, and attend all the festival events. Free lodging and a set traveling subsidy will be provided. We hope that during the festival the creators of all the nominated works will take the opportunity to interact with the children, parents and film makers of Taiwan, stirring up new sparks of creativity, and spawning more splendid works for children.

To those competition participants who did not receive a nomination, we extend our most sincere gratitude. Thank you for the tremendous efforts you have made on behalf of children. In any competition, it is, unfortunately, always necessary to choose from among many works of merit. During the preliminary jury meeting, the jurors spent six hours in spirited deliberation. Although we were unwilling to allow the slightest omission, inevitably we were left with the sense of having deprived talented individuals of deserved acclaim. We hope that all the participating filmmakers will persist in their diligent efforts to create for the sake of children. At the same time, we also welcome everyone to take part in all the activities of this year's Children's TV & Film Festival. See you in January of next year.

The Taiwan International Children's TV & Film Festival