Five, four, three, two, one, Film up!
Welcome to the movie city!
Let・s count down and be imbued with expectation.
Bring your world maps and calendars.
Let・s travel among the secret bases of Time and Space.
Take your magnifiers and telescopes,
And follow us to discover the heaven and the earth.
We have two cinemas as well as 94 films from 30 countries.
In our playground, we have the Cinema Studio, Animation Spot, German Park and the others.
For our adult friends, we also welcome you to attend our seminar for Children.
Tell everybody aloud, :What I like to watch?;
And we have 16 films produced by children from Taiwan and other countries around the world.
All these are included in the first ever Taiwan International Children・s TV Film Festival.
The show is going to begin.
Are you ready?
Bring all your eyes, ears, noses, mouths and hearts.
Put down your snacks, and turn off your cell phones.
Let・s go!!


There are three pavilions here to provide many activities to help your kids to enjoy the days more than just sitting down and watching movie. You can experience filmmaking, acting, editing effect and TV production in the Cinema studio ; you can even make your own animation through drawing and playing with clay in the Animation spot! And in German park, kids can also get in touch with different children・s culture by playing game and singing with our foreign friends.