• Group Application
    • Time¡GDec. 5 ~ 22, 2003.
    • Application¡GPlease fill in the group application form and fax to 02- 26338124.
    • Quota¡GBetween 20 and 40 persons each reservation. There¡¦s a quota for group application.
    • Entry¡GGroup participants do not need entrance ticket. Please enter in groups 20 minutes before the screening. Individual entry is not allowed.
    • Group seats¡G The organizer will arrange group in the same area.

    Download The Application Form

    Note: ¡]It is suggested to make a photocopy and enlarge the form. Please fill in the form in details. In case the information is incomplete, unclear or unable to contact the person, the application will not be accepted.¡^

  • Individual Application¡G
    • Capture ticket¡GMake your presence at Taipei Youth Activity Center at 12:00-17:00, Saturday, December 27, 2003. First come, first served. Besides, the early bird can enjoy the performance of IF KIDS Theater Group and film fragments.
    • Time¡GDec. 28, 2003 ~ Jan. 13, 2004.
    • Venue¡GPlease contact ERA Tickets.(All entrance tickets are free).
    • Limits¡GEveryone gets 4 tickets for each round, total amount less than 12 tickets. One ticket, one seat for each person. Please enter with ticket individually.
    • Entry¡GFor individual, line up entry, 10 minutes before the screening. Delay in arrival is regarded as renouncement. The vacancy will be open to public.
    • All rounds are unnecessary to check number for seats. Free entrance tickets are limited.

Transportation information


  • Red Line¡GNTU Hospital Station, EXIT 2
  • Red Line¡GChaing Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station, EXIT 5
  • Blue Line¡GShan Dao Temple Station, EXIT 3
    2. BUS¡G
  • Intersection of Ren Ai Road with Lin Sen Road¡X214¡B249¡B263¡B270¡B621¡C630¡B651
  • Intersection of Ren Ai Road with Shao Shing Road¡X0«n¡B36¡B37¡B263¡B261¡B270¡B621¡B630¡B651
  • Intersection of Ren Ai Road (Shao Shing S. St.)¡X0«n¡B15¡B22¡B36¡B37¡B208¡B253¡B295¡B297
  • Intersection of Hsin Yi Road with Lin Sen Road¡X20¡B22¡B38¡B204¡B15¡B3¡B0ªF¡BHsin Yi Line
  • Intersection of Hsin Yi Road with Lin Sen Road¡X20¡B204¡B249¡B15¡B3¡BHsin Yi Line
    3. CAR¡G
    Underground parking lot, 300 parking spaces. (NT$30/hr)
    Address: No. 17, Sec 1, Ren Ai Road, Taipei City

Meal Service

1. Lobby Bar, 1F
  • Teas, cold/hot drinks and snacks
  • Hour: 9:00-21:00
    2. Cantonese Food Restaurant, B1
  • Chinese & Cantonese Food
  • Hour: 9:00-22:00


Tel: 2630-1152 ¡@¡@ 2630-1125