Workshops for educators & children's short film festival
  1. In order to increase the participation of children and foster their creative abilities, three events have been planned:

    (a.) Workshops for educators: to be held in August this year, during the summer school break. Well-known Taiwanese directors and television professionals will be invited to provide teachers with a complete training course in the production of short films, allowing seed teachers to take this knowledge back to their schools and work with their students to produce concepts and plans for short films.

    (b.) Children's short film production guidance program: After completing workshop courses, participating seed teachers can present short film production plans along with their students, and submit them to festival organizers. After reviewing submitted plans, festival organizers will select outstanding plans, enlist the services of well-known directors to guide finalists in completing their films, and provide professional direction and post-production editing facilities.

    (c.) Children's short film festival: Films completed by teachers and their students will be presented in a special screening during the first Taiwan International Children's TV & Film Festival. They will also be broadcast on Taiwan's Public Television Service.

  2. Instructors will include such outstanding Taiwanese film professionals as Chang Tso-Chi, Yang Li-zhou, Wang Shau-di, Wen-Tang Cheng, C. Jay Shih, Wen Tien-hsiang and Sun Ta-wei.