The winning list of International Competition

Best Dramatic Feature

Viva Cuba/France|Cuba

Jury’s Opinions:

A trip to Cuba was filled with colorful and mystical plots. The touching friendships, and marvelous performance, in addition to its sound structures have made this film an extraordinarily artistic and valuable drama.

Best Animation

Vent / Netherland

Jury’s Opinions:

By using one single color and plain drawings, the film was able to present a vivid 3D effect. The music was compatible and has deepened the dramatic effect. With its well crafted drama, it is also entertaining and heartwarming.

Best Documentary

Mad Hot Ballroom / USA

Jury’s Opinions:

For the extraordinary level of energy and enthusiasm generated by these young dancers and their teachers proving again that happiness is only a few steps away.

Best TV Program

Hot News Weekly - A Dream Journey / Taiwan

Best Taiwan TV Program

Mighty Media - Faces of Orientals in Hollywood Movies / Tanwan

Jury’s Opinions:

This TV program has not only brought the effect of entertainment, it also has brought us a lot of serious thought. The break through of the traps behind the conventional media productions has served a reminder and marker to promote the importance of the advanced quality for the twenty-one century.

Best Taiwan Film

A Fish with a Smile / Taiwan

Jury’s Opinions:

This film has presented a superior quality of artworks. Its sharp images and insights are heartwarming. Thus, we can foresee that it is going to play an important role in the history of animation in Taiwan in the near future.

Audience Award

The Peace Tree / Canada

Special Jury Prize

Behind the Mountains / Denmark

Jury’s Opinions:

Even though these children who live in the refugee camps have endured so much pain from the poverty, they were still able to survive through such a horrible living conditions with lots of hope. It should be able to serve as a lesson to the children who are born with golden spoons and not being grateful for them.

Jury Special Mention

Max Between Sky and Earth / Belgium

Jury’s Opinions:

This is one of a series of the film that demonstrated how adults appreciated the children’s creative insights. The adults were able to encourage the children whom they were working with to complete and express their emotions in their film. The adult filmmakers have enhanced their contributions by encouraging the children to be creative and be educated in the works of the media. Thus, this film was chosen because it was highly respected and recommended by the jury.

Children's Jury Award

The Seeds,the Children and the Hope / Taiwan