The 2006 Taiwan International Children's TV & Film Festival Awards Announced at Award Ceremony

“Behind the Mountains” Won the Special Jury Prize

A five-day Taiwan International Children's TV & Film Festival (TICTFF) came to a conclusion at its closing award ceremony, on January 17, to celebrate year 2006's very best films for children. Both Best Taiwan Film and Best Taiwan TV ProgramAwards were created to encourage the endeavor of the local Taiwan filmmakers. “A Fish with A Smile” won the Best Taiwan Film Award; “Mighty Media – Faces of Orientals in Hollywood Movies” won the Best Taiwan TV Program Award. “Behind the Mountains (Denmark)” made a strong impression on the jury, therefore, as a result, won the Special Jury Prize. The jury also expressed their admiration toward the filmmakers who made a special effort to promote the children's artistic creativity and to teach them the skills to make their own good media choices. Therefore, a Special Jury Mention was awarded to an animated feature film: “Max between Sky and Earth”, which was a combined artistic effort of the Belgium Director, Jean-Luc Slock, and thirty five children.

The Award Ceremony was full of fun and surprises thanks to Masters of Ceremonies: Mr. Chao Chieh chiang and RUBY. The jury panel included Taiwan's own panelists: Lee Yuan, a well-known writer; Irene Chen, the Executive Director of Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation; Chu Tai-Hsiang, the principal of the Forest Primary School and the chairman of Humanistic Education Foundation; Jane Yu, Yilan Film Festival director. In addition, TICTFF was able to proudly invite many world-known film directors and professionals, as well as CEOs of media companies to participate in its jury panel. The international jury panelists include: French film director, Jacques-Remy Girerd of “Raining Cats and Frogs” and the Executive Director of CIFEJ, Jo-Anne Blouin. Through their joint endeavor, the jury panelists finally came to the conclusion of selecting the best children's films of the year. The winners of the 2006 TICTFF are: “Viva Cuba (France/Cuba)” for the Best Dramatic Feature; “Mad Hot Ballroom (USA)for the Best Documentary; “Vent (Netherlands)” for the Best Animation, and “Hot News Weekly – A Dream Journey (Taiwan)” for the Best TV Program. Finally, Annette Mari Olsen, the Denmark director of “Behind the Mountains” was fairly thrilled to accept the award for Special Jury Prize. Moreover, the jury penal unanimously agreed that “Behind the Mountains” could greatly inspire and enlighten the children who are comfortably living in a sheltered environment. It certainly could also enlighten the rest of the world when we observed how the children living in the refugee camps were able to overcome their poverty and misery, and to be grateful and pleased to simply survive.

Ms. Evonne Hsu, a famous singer, presented the Best TV Program Award to “Hot News Weekly – A Dream Journey (Taiwan)”. Ms. Hsu expressed that if she were not a singer, a school teacher would have been to her other choice of profession. It is as if she still owns the precious child-like heart, she acknowledged that Animation featured films have been one of her favorites. Ms. Hsu was much exited and more than pleased to learn the news that: “Hot News Weekly – A Dream Journey” was nominated as the winner of the best children's TV program, among all those outstanding international competitors who come from countries such as: the US, Spain, and Israel. The jury penal was also very impressed to see programs of such kind that could address the core issues with an unconventional way, to promote the educational reforms in Taiwan.

The Best Taiwan Film award was presented to ““A Fish with a Smile (Taiwan)” by the famous director, HOU Hsiao-hsien. The Jury penal considered this film is certainly going to play a crucial role of transformation in Taiwan's Animation history due to its excellent artistic quality with its keen perception. In addition, it is also a heartfelt film. The Executive Director of CIFEJ, Jo-Anne Blouin, who also serves as a jury panelist, immediately, at the spot, invited the director, C. Jay Shih, to participate in the 8 th Montreal Children's Film Festival which she is presently sponsoring.

This year, thanks to the joint efforts of ten Taiwanese local groups of the teachers and students who made the productions of the short films become possible for the 10 short films of Kids as Director. “The Seed, the Children and the Hope (Taiwan)” was honorably nominated to receive the Children's Jury Award. This film was a model example of the joint efforts of an artistic creation between teacher and students, at Long Du Primary School. Miss Wang Ying-xiu, the representative of the Children's Jury expressed the opinions shared by the jury: outstanding, interesting, innovative, and to the point. The jury penal also considered this film to be inspirational and dare to dream. Last but not the least; the Audience Award was presented to, “The Peace Tree (Canada)”.