Greetings from our guests

Greetings from Mitra Sen—Director of the Peace Tree

Thank you for your message and that's so wonderful that the film won the audience prize. That's great to know and I'm so very sorry I wasn't able to make it to your festival. I really wish I could have gone. It would have been great I'm sure, especially knowing that the audiences liked the film so much. 

Please do let me know if anyone can create a Peace Tree in Taiwan as that would be ideal and leave a real mark of the film there. If you know any teachers or schools interested, I can email the instructions, or they can look on the website at under decorations. 

I really look forward to seeing the doll and thank you again for sharing the film through your festival.



Greetings from Jo-Anne Blouin—International Jury

ni hao ?

I made it !!!
I am home, and it is very weird because for my body, today is Sunady January 22nd, but here it is still Saturday January 21st...
I arrived at 7:00 this morning, it was raining and it was only zero degrees...all the snow had melted away. Then, at noon, the rain changed into big snowflakes. It was really beautiful, and I took a long walk in the park next to my house. I am now fighting to stay awake till the evening in order to get back to "our" calendar...

I am tired but really happy to have accepted your invitation to attend your festival. Any festival looks good on paper, but true knowledge can only come by participating in the event. It was intense, but very rewarding. You have all the ingredients to make this festival grow into an important and significant festival in the Asia Pacific
region and in the panorama of children film festivals worldwide.

Your "sister" from Canada !

Greetings from Thierry Schiel—Director of RENART the FOX

I have arrived safely in Luxembourg after a 28 hours long trip, it was a bit long but was great. I was in the good company of Jacques-Rémy who had also some pills that helped my little indigestion to pass quickly.

I was delighted to meet you and the organisation crew of the festival on this occasion. I spent an unforgettable week and met the finest people there. You all are so very sympathical that it will always be a pleasure coming back in Taipei to hopefully meet you again in the future.

Meeting the other directors and seeing their work was also a nice reward. We have such a hard time making these movies that this kind of event and meetings is making it all worth while.

The screenings and the reception I did get from the audiance will leave me great memories, the Q&A sessions have been so nice with all these kids beeing so reactive to the story and characters. A little girl even gave me a big hug after the last screening. It moved me a lot!

I wish a very long life to your festival and surely it will become with the years one of the great children film event across the world. I will for my part always be very glad to be part of it with the next movies I hope to make.


I wish you my very best for this new year of the Dog and hope to see you soon again. Also thank you for the nice restaurant and food I tasted during my stay!

Thank you! thank you! thank you! :)


Greetings from Vinod Ganatra—Director of Blind Camal

I am missing TICTFF. It is hard to come out from the dream land memory of my one week. I will never forget this fantastic experience. I really wish I had some more days to stay in Taiwan.

I had very bad return trip because I reported for 8 'o clock flight which took me to Hong Kong and to Phuket and to Bangkok. I was in flight for whole day and I reached Bangkok at about 5 in the evening(6 in Taiwan). I went crazy sitting in flight as I was not aware of this. I had no choice since my flight from Bangkok was booked..If I knew about it before, I would have stayed for evening flight and would have joined at night party.  

Never mind, I don't want to spoil my sweet memories with you and all the staff members / volunteers/students who were working for the festival. I specially would like to mention about the people like Zaafa(6th floor host)  and her colleges working during award ceremony because they were busy with the screening. I don't have words to express my feelings beyond.

I will always look forward to visit Taiwan. Please give my regards to all your colleges and tell them that I am always ready to come to Taiwan.