Organization | TBS Vision for 2008-2010

President & CEO
Dr.Sunshine Kuang
Educational Background

Ph.D Degree, Southern Illinois University at
Carbondale, USA
Master’s Degree, University of Hawaii
Bachelor’s Degree, National Chengchi University

Work Experience:
Chairperson, Central Broadcasting System
Vice President, CTi Television
Vice President, China Television (Taiwan)
Manager of News Dept./Programming Dept./Business Dept. of China Television (Taiwan)
Director of the Dept. of Radio and TV Affairs, Government Information Office, Executive Yuan
Associate Professor, Department of Journalism, National Chengchi University

PTS Foundation 4th Board of Directors

Yaly Chao

Chair of the Board, Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation

Chair of the Board, Chinese Television System



Ph.D in Communication, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U. S. A.


Selected Professional Experience & Services:

CEO, Innovative Center for cultural & Creative Industries, Tamkang University, Taiwan

Professor, Department of Communication, Tamkang University, Taiwan

Dean and Professor, the College of Liberal Arts, Tamkang University, Taiwan

Chair, Department of Mass Communication, Tamkang University, Taiwan

Visiting Scholar, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Lecturer, Department of English, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan

Board of directors, Public Television Service Foundation , Taiwan

Board of directors, Chinese Television System, Taiwan

President, Chinese Communication Society. Taiwan

Vice President, Chinese Communication Society. Taiwan

Board of directors and Founder of Chinese Communication Society. Taiwan

Superintendent, Chinese Communication Society. Taiwan

Board of directors and Founder, Audio Description Development Association, Taiwan

Member of Supervisory Committee for Division of Public Service, Public Television Service Foundation , Taiwan

Superintendent, The Central News Agency, Taiwan

Tai-hsiang Chu
Principal, Forest Elementary School
Executive Director, Humanistic Education Foundation

Pang-chen Chen

Director, Community Empowering Society, R. O. C.

Director, Taipei Hakka Culture Foundation

Ming-chuan Huang

Chairman of the National Culture and Arts Foundation

Film Director & Producer

Kang-ping Yu

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Yuan Ze University

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Huafan University

Tung-liao Cheng

Associate Professor, Department of Education, National Chengchi University

Georgette Chi Wang

Professor, Department of Journalism, National Chengchi University

Samuel Chou

Chairman, Dajian Consultancy Co.

Ku-fang Lin

Dean, Graduate Institute of Art Science, Fo-Guang University

Feii Lu

Associate Professor, Department of Radio & Television & Graduate Program, National Chengchi University

Chi-yang Lin

Associate Professor & Dean, Graduate School of Taiwanese Culture, National Taipei University of Education

Shih-Min Chen

Chairman, Foundation for Excellent Journalism Award

Wen-wei Shiu

Associate Professor, Department of Sinophone Literatures, National Dong-Hwa University

Director, Digital Culture Center, National Dong-Hwa University

Yu-shan Huang

Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Sound and Image Studies in Management, Tainan National University of the Arts

Film Director

Hamilton Cheng

Research Fellow, Engineering Department, PTS Foundation

Bruce Yuan-hao Liao

Associate Professor, Department of Law, National Chengchi University

Yaly Chao

Professor, Department of Mass Communication & CEO, Innovative Center for Cultural Creative Industries, Tamkang University
Director and Founder, Association of Descriptive Video Service, R.O.C.

Hsien-tang Tsai

Professor, Department of Business Management, National Sun Yat-sen University

Chih-Hsing Lin

Assistant Research Fellow of the National Museum of Prehistory
Director of the Preparatory Office in the Southern Taiwan Science Park

PTS Foundation 4th Board of Supervisors


Managing Supervisor
Yun Lin

Professor, Dept. of Finance, National Taiwan University

Shih-hsin Huang

Professor, Dept. of Public Finance, National Taipei University

Ping-hung Chen

Professor, Graduate Institute of Mass Communications, National Taiwan Normal University

PTS Foundation Organization 2008
TBS Vision for 2008-2010

1)Becoming a Popular, Trusted, Influential Benchmark Media

1. To meet the needs of diverse demographic groups, PTS will produce popular programs with innovative and lively formats and production techniques.

2. PTS endeavors to enrich the production climate and make both qualitative and quantitative improvements to programming via provision of quality and creative programs including prompt, accurate, and in-depth news reports.

3. In the effort to win recognition and support from people from all walks of life, PTS will strengthen cooperation with local communities and civic organizations to provide comprehensive public broadcasting services.

4. While maintaining a tradition of openness to the outside, PTS will institute internal democratic mechanisms to become an autonomous, disciplined and accountable organization that permits and encourages performance assessment, involvement, and supervision by the public.

2) Refining TBS Operation, Boosting Organizational Efficiency

1. Prudently and actively integrate resources to maximize group performance.

2. Reform the personnel and performance assessment system; establish internal democratic mechanisms, invigorating the organization to foster team spirit, raise cohesiveness and boost efficiency.

3. Establish the position and duties of each TBS member.

4. Eliminate information gaps by strengthening services to remote areas of southern and eastern Taiwan and offshore islands.

3) Complete digital programming infrastructure, provide media services platform.

1. Establish via digital platforms programs or channels dedicated to art, education, news, documentaries, sports, and the environment.

2. Increase manpower and budget allocations, boost the efficiency of new media development.

3. Promote development of digital production and programming professionals.

4. Establish a Media Park as a public service platform providing quality production resources for audiovisual production and digital content providers.

4) A Window on Taiwan

1. PTS will fully develop the potential of Taiwan Indigenous Television, Hakka Television, Taiwan Macroview Television to make TBS a major name in international broadcasting.

2. PTS will actively participate in international film festivals to enhance TBS’s international reputation.

3. PTS will explore opportunities for international cooperation and exchange by remaining an active player, both as participant and host. By producing globally competitive programs, PTS will help broaden the horizons of Taiwan’s viewing public, enhance Taiwan’s international profile, and extend the scope of its services to the world.