Fruity Pie
With over 1,300 episodes in over ten years, Fruity Pie is a venerable children’s television show produced by Taiwan Public Television Service. Many children grew up watching the program, which is jointly written by several hundred children’s education specialists and writers, and is designed to incorporate unique local Taiwanese values.

A little store filled with children’s stories is the setting for amazing happenings each day. With Granny Fruity Pie as the main character, this lively and fun program takes children to explore their environment, interpersonal relationships, health, and safety education.
The matronly Granny Fruity Pie joins the children Chi Chi, Lin Lin, Sarah, and Walu in song and dance in the happy ice cream house, exploring life in novel ways and providing endless joy – just like a scoop of fruit ice cream. We firmly believe that games, sharing, and caring are the best gifts to children as they grow.

World of Fruity Pie

For children ages three to six, common objects as rags or brushes can provide endless joy and fascination. That is why our chief objective is to make all common things uncommon and fun. We open up the senses to all input, joining the children in great fun. For instance, we use Chinese a swordsman film approach to highlight the fun of a brush, or use the tango to demonstrate the incredible things that can be done with the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. While these may not be the best approaches, they certainly have style.

What Fruity Pie Aims to Say

Fruity Pie deliberately avoids fairy tale language and mannerisms in favor of the most natural, familiar approaches to talk to children. Experts believe that the best way to communicate with children is to use simple, concise language. While producing warm, fun scripts, our fruit-loving editors constantly ask themselves whether their language meets these standards and whether the themes are accurately expressed, contents interesting, and dialogs uncomplicated and easily understood.

Design of Fruity Pie Skits

With preschoolers in mind, the skits are designed to move with a rhythmic quickness, much like reading a fascinating magazine. The skits are also like drawers for children to open and discover their self-identity.

Central Character – Fruity Pie

Children talked about why they like Fruity Pie
They like her hair, glasses, skirt…
Her hearty laugh, her coy laughs, her funny faces, her furrowed brow…
Her warm manner of speaking, her storytelling, and her reluctance to scold children…
The children’s words are like vital musical notes. They tell us that every action of this little old lady, every sentence she utters, is a manifestation of her sincerity, warmth, and her respect for the children.

What’s In Store for Fruity Pie

In addition to maintaining Fruity Pie’s fine traditions of providing children with happiness, dreams, and love, we seek to find a timeless vitality.
Fruity Pie joins children in one minute of brain calisthenics every day, listening to songs, enjoying stories, and dancing joyously.
Content includes the Perception Series of animations, produced for the first time at PTS, featuring cute characters and diverse sound effects to help children familiarize themselves with the relationships between size, position, material, distance, and time. With the creative rhythms of a pink dancing bunny and the familiar sounds found all around us, this section encourages children to move their bodies naturally. In order to broaden the program’s reach, the What Are You Doing? section selects kindergartens to connect naturally with children through the camera lens to share fun and excitement in drawing activities and with pets, family, and friends.
We earnestly hope our Fruity Pie program, like the real ice cream, can offer children endless joy, dreams, and love.