Design Concept

■ The Design Concept of Taiwan Indigenous Television's Visual Recognition

Taiwan currently officially recognizes 13 different indigenous tribes. Different blood relationships, languages, cultures, beliefs, totems, music, social structures, manners, customs and ancient sacrificial ceremonies…are interwoven uniquely in Taiwan, as well as the presence of some of the world's most colorful cultural images. Moreover, these precious, beautiful cultures all will be recorded, broadcast, and enhanced along with the opportunity of rebirth and increased power through TITV.

■ Observe. The Original World

In order to include the variety of tribal cultures in Taiwan, we use "Observe. The Original World" as a concept to develop the visual beacon of Taiwan Indigenous Television, and it is hoped that by disseminating through the mass media, Taiwan's indigenous cultures will be truly known by all.

■ Emanating from Taiwan, Communicating with the World

Taiwan Indigenous Television will strive to use a more intimate and modern design to replace previous designs for its all-important visual image. Not only to catch the indigenous people's culture in its purest form, but also their natural lines and colors. Alternatively, it also expects to create a global, common symbol to show Taiwan's indigenous culture throughout the world. Emanating from Taiwan, entering the international realm, communicating with the world to aspire to the goal of building a global village and demonstrating the value of a diverse culture.

■ A Beautiful Transformation

For those who seek to find the commonality among Taiwan's indigenous cultures, then certainly it is the power of sunlight, the mountains, the sea and the land. Through their natural synthesis, these beautiful cultures were created, containing the life of the universe as well as the origin of the world's culture. Hence, according to this concept, this meaningful visual symbol for Taiwan Indigenous Television was created, taking the sound of yuan (original) and yuan (round) and using the simple circle as a way to create an easily linked memory, matching with the feathers that symbolized courage and power, aligning with indigenous people's characteristics. The fullest and brightest colors were selected: Red symbolizing the universe, blue symbolizing the sea, yellow symbolizing the earth, and green symbolizing the fullness of life. Used to convey the indigenous people's passion of life, it focuses on the importance of the mountain and seas as well as their observation of the heavens and earth, and comprehensiveness of the mind's universe. Correspondingly, through the shape of the feather, it is hoped that it will create a connection between the symbols of the different cultures that are…

Three boats breaking through the waves towards the island
Three arrows breaking the sky toward the sun
Three feathers on the brave warrior's headdress
The lines of tattoos, embroidery and weavings
The strings of colored glass beads
Chiseled carvings
The fragrance of lilies
That is all may describe as well as be unable to describe the cultural symbols that indicate
This truly is a Colorful Vision and a Point of Origin.